Tummy Tamer

I’ve always known that dōTERRA’s essential oils work fast…I mean, dōTERRA’s Peppermint oil helps relieve my stroke migraines in about 2 minutes flat! But I have never seen something work so fast and so well like the new Tamer blend from dōTERRA’s Kids Collection does on my baby girls’ belly.

Jemma is exclusively breastfed and I am so thankful that I am able to breastfeed her because I feel it’s helped develop my bond with her to be even stronger. And with breastfeeding, comes pumping…that is, if your baby takes a bottle. Which fortunately, after some getting used to, Jemma gladly takes a bottle of breastmilk when we need her too. That being said, we don’t often give her bottles unless she’s being watched by her grandparents, if she’s still hungry when she’s been cluster feeding for so long that my milk is taking some time to come back in, or for the purpose of this testimony: yesterday’s example…we gave her a bottle at church.

So I fed her right before we left for church and we had to get there early because I had praise band practice before service. Our praise band plays the worship music for service towards the beginning of service. And yesterday, during worship songs, she decided she was hungry so daddy fed her a bottle since I was a little busy with singing. Now, we do pace feed and we do have bottles to help reduce air intake when feeding your baby, however babies can still get air in their tummy’s which can cause them to be gassy, bloated, and sometimes fussy. This happens almost every time we have to feed Jemma a bottle. But we don’t worry, because we’ve found that Tamer is our go-to rescue in these circumstances.

Usually after getting a bottle, that same night she will start to grunt A LOT, her belly will look bloated, and she probably won’t poop for a little while. This happened last night. It’s important to note that it’s actually common for breastfed babies to not poop for anywhere up to a couple of weeks because the breastmilk metabolizes so quickly in their bodies. However, Jemma poops quite a bit and she only ever doesn’t after she’s had a bottle and clearly has some air in her belly. So this morning, I picked up our handy-dandy Tamer blend, rolled it right onto her belly and within 2 minutes, she was calm…another 10 minutes and she pooped! Then she peacefully went down for a nap. It seriously worked that fast! Even if she doesn’t poop right away, the Tamer blend ALWAYS calms her down and she no longer grunts within 2 minutes of it being topically applied.

dōTERRA’s Tamer blend was just released at this year’s 2019 Together Convention and was added to the Kids Oil Collection! It’s a synergistic blend of Spearmint, Jasmine Peppermint, Ginger, Black Pepper, and Parsley Seed and it comes pre-diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil making it safe to apply to little one’s and great for on-the-go convenience. We keep the Tamer blend on her dresser right beside the changing mat so we have it on hand at all times when needed.

Both R.J. and I have been very much in love with dōTERRA’s oils since we were first introduced…but now seeing the benefits and effects the oils have on our little girl just makes us fall in love with them even more. I’m so thankful to dōTERRA for providing us with these 100% pure, best quality natural solutions that I can use not only on me, but my child, my pets…my whole family.

Want to try Tamer for yourself? Click here to order yourself the roller bottle! It’s only $20 retail and $15 wholesale! Better yet…want to get it for the wholesale price? Click here and then click “Become a member”, choose your kit and start receiving the world’s purest essential oils at wholesale price along with all of the incredible benefits dōTERRA has to offer!

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