5 Ways You Can Support a Small Business Without Spending $$$

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when stockings are hung, Christmas trees are decorated, cookies are baked, and gifts are bought…By now, you’re probably sick of all the Black Friday commercials advertising for big name companies that continue to open earlier and earlier each year. But now it’s Small Business Saturday and you’ve got Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday coming up. Just in 2018 alone, it was estimated that $1,007.24 was the average amount spent per shopper on Black Friday. And then you’re being asked to spend even more as the weekend continues. And we wonder why the average credit card debt alone in the U.S. is about $16,061 per household.

But let’s talk about Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday isn’t about spending more money in large department stores that simply help the already wealthy CEO’s earn even more; it’s about supporting local families to help keep the bills paid, support family activities, keep food on the table, and simply supporting your local entrepreneurs and business owners who are living a life they love. I know you’ve probably seen that meme before going around on social media stating what supporting a small business means, but coming from a small business owner, it’s entirely true.

Now, let’s discuss a few different scenarios. Maybe you’ve spent all of your money already on Black Friday and just can’t afford to spend more, maybe you’ve already bought for everyone on your list, maybe there’s nothing at your local small businesses that you need, or maybe you just don’t like the products they carry. All of that is completely okay! There are plenty of ways you can still support your local small businesses during this holiday season, (and throughout the ENTIRE year!), and it won’t cost you a dime! The following ways I’m about to share with you can also work for Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday!

  1. Follow Your Local Businesses on Social Media
    You don’t have to buy a thing, but show your support by simply following their content. You may not need something they have, but you may see something that a friend or family member of yours may like and then you can share it with them.
  2. Share a Post
    Did you know that social media has algorithms to determine which posts and pages will receive the most advertising based off of interactions? You can do wonders for small businesses, online small businesses, and charities by simply sharing posts! Share about the deals your local bakery is offering or your friend’s online boutique page, share a post from your local animal shelter about a pet that needs adopted…it’s that simple. Trust me, those places will be grateful for the share.
  3. Invite Friends to Follow Pages on Social Media
    Once you’ve shared a post, invite your friends to like and follow that page as well. The more likes the better. In fact, Facebook makes this very simple for you; when you click “invite friends”, you can hit “select all” and send out a mass invite in two clicks.
  4. Refer a Friend
    Know someone who’s been talking about needing a new wardrobe, wanting to adopt a puppy, has health concerns, and more? Refer your friends to your trusted local businesses. You’d not only be supporting those businesses, but you’d be helping your loved ones too!
  5. Host an Event/Class
    Have you ever gone to a restaurant or watched a movie that was so good you had to tell as many people about it as possible afterwards? Hey, welcome to network marketing. Movies and shows nowadays get so much free advertising thanks to people sharing posts about them. I guarantee you know someone who’s running a network marketing business. Hosting an event/class for them is by far one of the best ways to support their business. Can’t afford the products? Most network marketing companies offer FREE products for hosts! Invite your friends over for a good time and earn free products as a thank you! (Not all offer this so check with your local consultant.) This also works for non-profits and charities! You can host a fundraiser to support them! It doesn’t even have to be a huge thing, Facebook makes it super easy to host fundraisers online!

See? It’s easy to help support your local small businesses whether they be a brick and mortar/mom and pop store, an online boutique, or a non-profit. So in the season of giving (and throughout the year), I encourage you to embrace these easy ways of supporting. Because your neighborhood families who own these small businesses will thank you for helping them to grow their businesses and support their families.

And hey! Interested in hosting an essential oil class and earning free oils? Click here! And thank you in advance for supporting my small business.

Jillian Hughes

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