Clutter-Free Christmas

As we enter into a new year and a new decade, R. J. and I have not just a new year’s resolution, but a life habit we are establishing of becoming family minimalists. Family minimalism to us means living a life of intention. We own “stuff” but that “stuff” is either used daily or brings us a sense of happiness and joy. I love walking into a home that feels cozy but is clean, so I still have decorations but they are minimal, making my home easy to keep up with. We are currently in the process of buying a new home which means boxing up all of our belongings. So there isn’t a better time to practice true minimalism by seeing what we actually use since all of our belongings are being packed up.

However, we are coming up on Christmas. The time of year when cookies are made, family comes together, and gifts are exchanged. I can honestly say other than some tech items for our home, there’s not much materialistic items that R. J. and I really want for Christmas this year. And to be honest, there’s nothing we need. But people love to give gifts at Christmas, and so if you’re someone who is also trying to live more simple and minimal, or if you know someone who is and you want to give them a gift, here are some wonderful clutter-free gift ideas!

  1. Experiences: This includes concert tickets, sporting event tickets, and restaurant gift cards. Give the gift of a lovely date night to your friends, or tickets to a show that your sister has been dying to see. You can even make this a sustainable gift by gifting the tickets via email so they don’t have to carry around paper tickets!
  2. Classes: How fun would it be to take your friend to a cooking class, or help pay for your grand-child’s dance lessons, or help your loved one reach their health goals by gifting them a personal coaching or health coaching certificate? Not only are these gifts super fun and clutter-free, but they provide an educational aspect too!
  3. Time: If only we could actually gift someone more time in a day right? Well, you kind of can! Gift the new parents a date night by either paying for a babysitter, or offering to be the baby sitter! Help that new mama out by hiring someone to clean her house for day or giving her a gift certificate for a mani/pedi allowing her some self-care time. Help your husband have some more down time by gifting him a car wash or oil change so it’s less for his to-do list.
  4. Memberships: This is PERFECT for grandparents who are trying to figure out what to gift their grandchildren. They may not be toys under the tree, but a zoo or museum membership allows your grand-babies to have many fun experiences throughout the year! It also helps create some wonderful family bonding time.
  5. Consumables: For those who still want to give a materialistic gift but honor the wishes of their minimalistic friends, food and drinks are a definite winner! I don’t know anyone who’s ever complained about getting free food, (especially if you know a college student), and coffee shop gift cards are always appreciated.

Christmas shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a joyous time spent with loved ones. So help make Christmas a little less stressful by gifting your friends and family clutter-free gifts that they will love and appreciate.

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